Fact about Coconut oil

Saturday Nov 26, 2011 | Dr. Said | Comments Off on Fact about Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the healthiest oil on earth. Coconut oil is commonly used in manufacturing baked goods, especially when frying .  The health benefits of olive oil, which stem from its high Omega 3 levels, are too numerous to name. Unfortunately though, olive oil is not best soothed for cooking or frying since it does not have a high smoke point meaning of 170*C as being 325*F that it does not maintain its taste and integrity under high temperatures.

The health benefits of coconut oil include Lauric acid – found in mother’s milk! Lauric acid is the predominant type of medium chain saturated fatty acid that turns into a substance call monolaurin. This is the actual compound responsible for helping to strengthen the immune system. It promotes good heart health. Weight loss,  stabilizing blood sugar,  lowering cholesterol and supports the immune system by increasing metabolism. Coconut oil is a good source of immediate energy. use only extra Virgin organic coconut Oil.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Fermented, 16 oz